Spending 24 Hours in Houston!

This weekend we went to Houston for a quick 24-hour trip. My dad lives there and he was having a medical procedure (it was relatively minor, so he’s fine!) so we took advantage of it and did a little sightseeing while we were there. One thing that I didn’t know about Houston is that the art scene is so huge! I did a little research before I left and found out that there are 50+ street art murals in Houston!

We did a little bit of exploring and hit some of them up. See the pictures below! It was so much fun, and I think OJ did a really good job at taking pictures! He has really become tolerant of me dragging him around places and demanding “Hey, take a picture of me in front of this!” I love him.



















If you have time in Houston, I 100% recommend you check them out. I used a guide by Wear + Where + Well, and it is so comprehensive, and even gives you a guide for parking! I’m not even going to try to give you details about all these because these ladies did it all so well. No sense in reinventing the wheel, right? You can check their post out here. There were SO MANY murals, I just chose all the colorful ones.

So we checked out the murals on our way into town, ate dinner with my dad and then headed back to our hotel, which was a brand new Holiday Inn in Shenandoah (North Houston). It was a last minute booking (we literally booked it right before we walked out the door at 2 pm), but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at this Holiday Inn! From what I understand, it was brand new and it was so fancy looking! I think Holiday Inn has really stepped up their game lately. I’m going to upload pictures of the lobby and our room for the sake of having pictures, but be warned…..they are bad! The lobby ones were taken with my

I’m going to upload pictures of the lobby and our room for the sake of having pictures, but be warned…..they are bad! The lobby ones were taken with my cell phone because I had the camera all packed away, and the room ones are just bad because of all the fluorescent lighting! I gotta figure out how to do better indoor pictures.

The pool was amazing, y’all. I was so bummed we were only there for one night (which sounds bad because the reason we were there was not great, obviously) because it was SO NICE! I wish we could have been there during the day.

The next day on our way out, we went to Hogg Park to take pictures of the Houston skyline! I did a ton of research and apparently, there aren’t as many vantage points for the Houston skyline as there are for the Austin skyline. We were disappointed by the highways in the way, but it actually looks kind of cool!


Panorama Houston.jpg


We will probably go back to Houston sometime this summer because I am DYING to go to the Marriott Marquis downtown. They have a pool SHAPED LIKE TEXAS, Y’ALL. It is shaped like Texas! Where do you go when you go to Houston? Comment below if you have any suggestions for our next trip!

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5 responses to “Spending 24 Hours in Houston!

  1. Those murals are incredible! I haven’t made it to Houston but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them when the time comes!

  2. I wish that when I lived in Texas I would have visited Houston! I went to every other major Texas city except Houston. It looks like you had a fabulous time.

  3. The colorful walls have me itching to get there!! So fun, I can’t wait – I’ve never been to TX!

    • You should come to Texas, it’s so much fun! All the big cities have so much to offer. Definitely worth a trip 🙂

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