Restaurant Spotlight: Wu Chow

I’ll say it again, and I’ll say it every time I post about food. Austin has the best restaurants. Seriously, there is good food EVERYWHERE. We stumbled across this restaurant a few months ago for the first time, and their okra changed my life. Guys, I’m not kidding. Changed. My. Life.

This place is one of the best Chinese places in town. Let me be clear – this isn’t the typical “buffet” Chinese restaurant, or even an “eat so much you feel like you might die” Chinese restaurant. It is high-end quality Chinese food. They have “fancy” twists on the classics, and they are all phenomenal.

Tender Belly Pork Steamed Dumplings, Gong Bao Chicken (Not Pictured: Chicken & Taro Eggrolls…because they were so good, we inhaled them immediately!)

The most recent time we went to Wu Chow was for my fiance OJ’s birthday. He was so excited, as we had only been there once before. We went with his parents and his brother, so we ended up just ordering a bunch of everything. Truthfully, I didn’t even get a picture of everything because we kept eating it so fast!

Yu Xiang Pork Tenderloin (front), Hunan Style Beef, and Wok Tossed Texas Okra.

Every single bite of food was heavenly. I mean we inhaled that food. We started with two or three appetizers, and then got three main dishes and a plate of veggies, and shared everything.

The decor is also really cool! The wall behind some of the booths is made out of mahjongg tiles, and the tables are bright green! The chandeliers are also really cool. I love how it isn’t the typical “Chinese” decor.

I would also recommend getting some Dim Sum while you’re there. It’s cheap enough that you can order several different kinds and share, and they’re so good! They have juice on the inside with steamed meats and you just bite off a little piece and let the liquid spill into your mouth and then eat the rest.

So yummy.


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