Bucket List: 30 Before 30!

Everyone should have a bucket list. I think that everyone needs to ask themselves on a regular basis “If money were no object, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you want to meet?”  I think people get so caught up in living the life they think they should live, that they forget to be excited about something. Passionate about living their life to the fullest, to do anything they WANT to do. It is of my humble opinion that you should have a bucket list so that you have something to look forward to! You always have that goal in mind, those hard earned big ticket items that help you feel accomplished.

Visit Greece

I have an ever-evolving bucket list, and I even dedicated an entire page on the blog to it. However, the one I am working on right now is 30 before 30. I turn 30 in 4 1/2 years, and I feel like I have more to accomplish!

on my bucket list. checked off America, Africa & Europa already- Asia&Australia still missing. but of course I'll have to go back in some places, I haven't set foot properly enough... ^^

30 Before 30 Bucket List

  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Finish visiting the rest of the 50 States (I’ve seen 36!)
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Go on a Girl’s Trip
  5. Do something terrifying (skydiving, swim with sharks, etc.)
  6. Get out of credit card debt
  7. Finish a college degree
  8. Treat myself to something ridiculously expensive and unnecessary (shoes, purse, etc.)
  9. Do a Triathalon
  10. Travel alone
  11. See the Grand Canyon
  12. Take a spontaneous trip
  13. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  14. Be able to do a yoga handstand
  15. See the northern lights
  16. Challenge myself for 30 days
  17. See a Broadway show
  18. Travel in first class
  19. Get another passport stamp
  20. Learn how to properly work my camera
  21. Go fully offline for 48 hours
  22. Ride in a hot air balloon
  23. Learn how to do video editing
  24. Pay for a stranger’s meal
  25. Live in another state (6 months to one year)
  26. Have 6 months of living expenses in savings
  27. Own a condo or a house
  28. Read 50 books in a year (4-5 a month)
  29. Complete a color run
  30. Make a bucket list of 40 things before I turn 40!


Me and my friend already planned to do this next summer                                                                                                                                                                                 More
What is on YOUR bucket list?! Comment below and tell me your favorite bucket list items! I love the idea of posting a bucket list here because it holds me accountable! Someone actually heard that I said I would do these things, so now I feel like I have to! If you need inspiration, check out this blog that gives a list of 250 bucket lists!


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14 responses to “Bucket List: 30 Before 30!

  1. This is such an awesome list!! I am turning 26 this summer (how did that happen?! I still feel eighteen, ha ha!) so I think it is time that I make a 30 before 30 list of my own! A few goals on my list: learn Tongan (my husband’s first language), run a marathon (I’ve run a half, but not a full), and post on my blog every day for a month.

    • Those are awesome goals!! I turn 26 this year too, and I just can’t believe I’m already that close to 30!! Gah!

  2. I loved making my 30 before 30 list.. even though I am a few years past that… I’m still working on finishing it up!! Loving your list and I will be so jealous if you can do a yoga headstand!

    • I know…I am so nervous about the traveling alone, and I feel like I’d be guilty to leave my fiance behind!

  3. We have a lot of the same things on our bucket lists! I def want to go to Hawaii–or any traveling really and the savings for 6 months is such a good idea!

  4. I did a list similar to this when I was 27. I’m now 31. I need to start a list of things I want to accomplish by 40! I want to master the guitar, have a family with my husband, swim with the swimming pigs 🙂

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