Restaurant Spotlight: Geraldine’s

One of the best things about living in Austin is the food. I mean, come on. There’s good food everywhere you go. Mexican food, American food, Italian food, ANY food. You name it, we have it, it’s awesome. I went to Geraldine’s on a date night and we were very pleasantly surprised by the food! I didn’t really have a lot of information going into it. We had looked at the menu and it seemed like pretty good food, so we wanted to try it out.

The lobby of the Hotel Van Zandt.

First off, the restaurant is on the fifth floor of the Hotel Van Zandt on Rainey Street. Rainey Street is like the less dirty, more hipster version of 6th street. The lobby was great! They had these really cool trumpet chandeliers, and a really great tile floor. It was great.


Let me just say, this restaurant is like a hipster’s paradise. It has these really cool lights on this really cool wooden ceiling, and it was awesome. They served you still water out of a clear carafe, and had these really cool mercury glass tealights on the table. I really enjoyed the vibe there.


Dinner menu at Geraldine’s. 

So we got there, and we learned that the way the menu works is everything is a small shared size, and the concept is to order 3-4 dishes for two people and you share everything. Let me tell you, when the server told me this, and I looked at the prices, I thought “Okay, this sounds terrible. I’m not going to get enough food, and we’ll pay $150 for a meal that we hate”. We tried it anyway, and ended up only getting three dishes, just in case.

Left: Ceviche Taco; Center: Crispy Pork Ribs; Right: Coffee Rubbed Waygu Beef

First up, we got the ceviche taco. Let me just preface this with the fact that I am not a raw fish person. I don’t like ceviche, I don’t like sushi, it’s just weird, and slimy and I hate it.  But this taco was amazing. It had a really crispy shell, and avocado on top of the ceviche…it was amazing! I wish we had ordered 7.

Second up, we got the crispy pork ribs. Holy mother of pearl, this was the greatest meat I have ever put in my mouth. These ribs were crispy and chewy, melt in your mouth, perfect. We literally fought over the last one.

Third and final dish was Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Beef. Well I know I said the ribs were the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but I think these were just as good. The coffee taste was very faint but just enough to taste, they were cooked medium rare so they were a little pink, and they just fell apart when you cut into them. There was also this purple sauce which looked weird and scary…but it was delicious!! It was some kind of cabbage sauce that I will never in my life be able to recreate.


Obviously we didn’t like our food at all!

So remember earlier when I said “oh great, this will be terrible food”. I was wrong. You heard me right. I was wrong. I judged them by the look of their menu, and I was wrong. I’ll scream it from the mountaintops! This was one of the best meals I’ve ever had! We finished all three of our dishes and we were full but only just. For the first time in the three years we’ve been doing dates, we have never been able to order dessert. We always gorge ourselves on the main course and never had room. This time we had room! When the waiter came back and said “Do you have any room for dessert” we said “Why yes! We do!”

Our sherbet and muscat! Wonderful dessert. 

It was the best. We got two scoops of sherbet and a glass of dessert wine. We got were raspberry and strawberry sherbet and a glass of Muscat. They were divine. I mean, you just can’t ask for a better end to a meal than two scoops of fresh fruit sherbet and a glass of Muscat (which happens to be one of my favorite wines).

Geraldine’s spectacular industrial style bathrooms! 

I know this might be a totally weird thing to add, but the bathrooms were so cool! I have this thing for nice bathrooms. I just think it’s such a nice touch when restaurants go out of their way to make sure that even the bathroom is nice! Aren’t those the coolest chandeliers you’ve seen in your life? Besides the trumpet ones in the lobby, of course.

Amazing sunset on the terrace at Geraldine’s! There was a wedding out there just 30 minutes before this was taken! 

Overall, I would say I was pleasantly surprised by Geraldine’s. The ambiance was really cool, the decor was amazing, the food was unrivaled, and I would definitely go there again. It was a wonderful date night place and comes highly recommended by myself and my fiance!

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